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Russian innovative veterinary product

As a result of the third fair of Belgorod region STARTUP: LAND HEALTHNET, the winner of this year in nomination of Globalisation is Ksenia Sergeevna Martseva (medical assistant of the Centre of Innovative Veterinary Medicine, 1-year postgraduate student of BelGAU) with her project “Cryogenic Applicators and Rollers for Horse Physiotherapy” as a project with high export potential.

Ksenia is an author of a number of research works on horse veterinary one of which is honoured with the diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. As a result, the Belgorod region Centre for Export Support assisted in presentation of the project in the leading cattle-bredding exhibition EuroTier 2019 in Abu-Dhabi (UAE)! It is one of the three new exhibitions announced at EuroTier in Hannover as the global platforms for innovations in cattle-breeding. The sections of the exhibition include cattle breeding, nutrition and other farm materials, climate and environmental technologies, equipment and accessories.

Kseniia Martseva, veterinary and analyst of AgroVi company acting as the industrial partner, has presented the veterinary equipment for horses:
dentistry burs, bioinert hoof glue and equipment for cryogenic surgery and therapy which caught the interest of foreign specialists. The stand of AgroVi caught interest of veterinaries and representatives of companies from California, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Ireland, France, Saudi Arabia, etc. Among the products presented by the company, cryogenic equipment for cryogenic surgery applied in veterinary of many animals including horses has caught particular interest. Cryogenic applicators and rollers by AgroVi are distinctive with high strength and many variants of forms and sizes. Also, during the exhibition, contacts were established with leading horse veterinary specialists and the problems of horse health in this region of the country were discussed. The achieved knowledge allowed to find out the demands of the veterinary equipment market and their distinctions.

Three companies representing the export of Belgorod region (AgroVi, NTC Bio, Belpharmacom) took part in the conference and presented their products, which increased the interest in the stands! The questions to the speakers pointed at high interest in the products presented by the Russian companies.

The stands of export products of Belgorod region were in favour during all days of the exhibition. Each company found specialists interested in its products. As a result, a number of useful business contacts which will contribute in further development of the company at a high level were established. 

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